Women of GhAME

Women are often under-represented in the academic and professional fields of engineering, however many females have contributed to the diverse fields of engineering historically.

A number of organisations and programs have been created to understand and overcome this tradition of gender gap, saying that it indicates the absence of potential talent.

We believe gender stereotypes, low rates of female engineering students, and engineering culture are factors that contribute to the current situation where men are dominated in the engineering field.

This review found that the barriers and opportunities relating to women’s participation in engineering occur at all points along people’s education and work pathways, from early engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities and interests in the early years and primary school through educational experiences in secondary school  leading to subject choices, to the experiences of women in university engineering courses and then in the workplace

Roles of Women of GhAME

  • Organise outreach activities in all levels of the educational ladder
  • Organise mentoring, career counselling and role models in STEM
  • Help with structural and policy initiatives that will encourage more females in the profession.
  • Help recruit more female professionals into the Association
  • Perform such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to the Team from time to time

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